Janet says the darndest thing

October 9, 2007 at 11:41 am 3 comments

Every person who has been with Janet Pillai long enough knows that she frequently contradicts herself, she also frequently has an excuse for her contradictions.

Yesterday, Prisca and I had a celebratory lunch at Sungai 2 KFC, habis monologue mar. As it was time for my 2pm meeting with Janet, we walked back to campus. A familiar sight greeted us outside Xuang Xin coffeeshop- a white car, with no USM sticker. The car that sends a chill to all our spines, stuns our senses momentarily, puts our 6th sense on high alert- the one and only car with the ability to gives us the rush and the spooks- Janet’s car!!!!

As it was courteous to say hi, and also because I wanted a lift back to Arts-Ed office, we decided to say hi. There was Khoon and Janet. To cut to the chase, Janet criticized us for patroning KFC, talked a little about our monologue-feedback.

Then… Prisca flicked her ciggy out. As she was about to light up, this was what happened:

Janet: (puffing away herself) Actors shouldn’t smoke. It’s bad for your lungs. You shouldn’t smoke Prisca. You better stop before final year project next semester. (Puff)

Prisca: But you also smoking what!

Janet: I’m different. I’m a director. Actors shouldn’t smoke. You see Zaibo now, he can’t even say lines for 3 minutes before he breaks into a cough. Who wants to take him to act? (Puff)

Prisca: (speechless)

Janet: You see the actors in KL don’t smoke. It’s bad for their lungs. – (didn’t do research, actors in KL do smoke)

Janet: (Puff) I want to start a kempen anti-merokok. (blows out smoke)

Khoon, Prisca, Me: (Almost choked, jaw dropped, stunned)

Janet: Kempen anti-merokok for actors. Actors should really stop smoking. (puff)

Me: Janet, do you know you always contradict yourself?

Janet: Me? Rarely. I rarely contradict myself. You mean this? I told you I’m a director, not an actor, so it doesn’t apply to me.

Me: I don’t mean just this. Like, when you say you hate people who are late, you yourself are always late for our class.

Janet: I have very good reasons for being late.

I have nothing to say. I rest my case. If only I recorded that conversation.

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pre-monologue holiday

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  • 1. Quit Smoking » Janet says the darndest thing  |  October 9, 2007 at 11:50 am

    […] I’ve put a link to this article here […]

  • 2. Vern  |  October 10, 2007 at 8:35 am

    Super Wu Liao.

    She ALWAYS has an excuse.

  • 3. jemufo  |  October 10, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    lol. well she’s not contradicting herself–she just has different standards for other people than she does for herself. double standards, you might wanna call it. 😉

    but like, if she hates people who are late, but says she doesn’t hate herself, then that’s a contradiction. or if she says she never is late, but is always late, than that’s a contradiction.


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