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dear all,

this is not a forwarded email but it is a genuine plight by michelle and u-jean.

there are two puppies that stay in a playground near our flats. today we found one of them hurt in the leg. both of it’s hind legs were bleeding.

we took it Peng-Aun Veterinary Clinic, Jalan Sungai Dua under Dr. Teoh Bak Peng, as fast as we could. the x-ray showed that it’s left hind leg was fractured at the thigh bone where as on the right leg, the bone of one of the toes is crushed. the skin of the of the right foot is also torn till the bone can be seen.

we do not know how the puppy got hurt in the first place. we don’t think it is by accident as this puppy does not usually run very far from it’s hiding/sleeping place. however we do suspect that it might have been beaten or poked with a stick.

the cost for the whole treatment, so far, is rm150. we are supposed to collect the puppy tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. the cost might run higher if we wish to let it stay under the doctor’s care for observation and care for a week or more.

as both of us are just mere students, we are unable to bear the full cost of the treatment. we are appealing to your kind and mercifuls heart to help us with the expenses. this puppy might just be a road-side mongrel but it is a life nevertheless.

we don’t know what RM150 is to you but to us, it represents compassionateness. we value any amount of honest contribution that you are able to give. we aim to collect to about RM200 to cover any other cost that might incur. we hope you might find it in your heart and you pockets to donate. any excess donation after paying for the medical bills shall go to the SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals).

to donate, please call Michelle (016-4720 911) or U-jean (016-4939 580)






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