Back to slaving

February 12, 2008 at 1:29 pm Leave a comment

Back in Penang, working like crazy for another few months, then I’m done with uni. Can’t believe how fast time flies. As cliche as it might sound, I really thought that it was only a year ago that I enrolled in it, and it was only a few months back that I had tons of experience in various fields, met a lot of interesting, quirky and lasting people that I’m proud to call them my friends. Some closer than I could possibly imagine.

Just have a few more things to do here, pack up, look for new horizons to conquer. Of course there is a sense of reluctance to leave, putting down the many things I’ve achieved in my stint here. Who can resist the lures of Penang- food, people, weather, island-living, the sun, the tourist attractions, the events, the festivities. The list goes on.

People ask me, if I’m so  in love with Penang, why leave? I feel I cannot function my best here in my current capacity, yet. I need to go out and get my ideas and experience elsewhere, with hope that I can bring it back here to benefit this little island close to heart.  And so, from here, where next? Beats me. It’s all about a life journey, ain’t it? So, I’m just gonna plan well, but not too cautious. Life is about taking risks, if not, where’s the fun?


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decisions, decisions hectic

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