Vaisakhi Night 2008

May 4, 2008 at 4:42 pm 1 comment

Before attending a Vaisakhi Night party organized by Nat’s parents, I was clueless about such a celebration (ignorant bum). Correct me if I’m wrong, but this was what I found out about the occasion from a friend:

Vaisakhi is a Sikh celebration of the new year. According to Wikipedia, it’s an ancient harvest festival, marking the new solar year and new harvest season. A most significant event in the Sikh calendar. Here’s a link to Wiki:

All thanks and congrats go to Nat’s parents for making this such a happening event and for inviting Azhan, Ujean and me to it! We had a perfect blast, having yummy food and dancing to real thumping music! For the first time, I’ve been invited to such a party. And I can say, for the first few times, I have been invited to a celebration of other cultures/races. tsk..tsk, not so muhibbah after all. Speaking of muhibbah, our table was the most paling fusion. We had Nat (em…Pakistani/etc), Azhan (Malay), Ujean (Chinese), Nat’s friend from her dad’s workplace (not sure) and me (Chinese). But what the heck, we are not into racial divides or who owns the majority in the table, alah, kira sebagai Malaysian, we happy di lar. Religion wise…hmmm… lagi the confusing.

Okay, to food. It was a fusion of Indian *correct me if I’m wrong* and Chinese. I love the *fake* abalone dish. Wasn’t really eating ’cause was listening to these 2 good performers from KL- Guru and partner. We were asking Nat how her dad got such great performers, and slip of tongue, Ujean commented: “Some Punjabi Club is it?” That had us laughing. Well, according to Nat, there are some great “Punjabi clubs” in KL. Those two were dishing song after song of Bollywood *again, correct me if I’m wrong* & Bhangra rhythm. Can’t understand lar, but just go along with the flow. The music was damn loud, but still the PA system managed to hold it on its own without breaking. Could hardly hear what were talking over the table. I thought Chinese dinners were loud with their unbelievable loud karaoke sessions, this was way more than that. And of course, whatever the MC said, which was Nat’s dad, we couldn’t understand, gotta have Nat as translator. So, we ran into some understanding difficulty when Nat had to pee.

There was a lucky draw as well…and lots of impromptu dancing. I gotta give it to them man, the crowd just loved the entertainment. Dancing away, drunk or not. Haha! They sure are heavy drinkers, most of the tables I passed by had whisky and other liquors. While the adults were inside, some of us decided to head out and just lepak at a protruding platform. We had ice-kacang and just chatted about rectal examinations to corruption and Pulau Aman. Some of us had on pencil-thin heels and had to de-slipper to get onto the platform without tripping over some planks. We saw some crabs and fishing activities. Almost wanted to get the fishing kit from the car and start fishing immediately, but my vanity stopped me- didn’t wanna dirty my swanky nice, funky pants. And silvery slithery funky tie. Btw, credit goes to me for Ujean’s hairdo. Some self promotion- I can style hair. And pretty good at it, judging by the many compliments I/Ujean received from her various hairstyles.

The party just got started with the dance floor opening at about 10 something. Woohoo! Party was supposed to be from 7pm-1am. Lala! We were all so in the mood to thump it out on the dance floor. We had a great time together and swaying to the music. Made some nice acquaintances, although I have problems remembering their names proper. Oh ya, we had fun doing this weird guy’s dance move we saw the other time. And all sorts of other moves. No words can actually describe the fun we had. The rhythm and music was just awesome! I think I burned all the calories I gained during the dinner.

Pictures coming up later! Or you can see them on Facebook.

FYI, we (Ujean, Azhan, me) are now permanent party residences for Nat’s parties! Woohoo!

For me, it wasn’t about the awkwardness of being in a party of different race/culture. Important was the company, and I had the best of companies last night. Thanks guys! Love you guys lots! Already miss partying with you guys!

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  • 1. u-jean  |  May 5, 2008 at 9:48 am

    woot woot!!


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