Mental block

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Hi, I’m going to write about…… *crap. wat is it i wanna write?*

Mental block. Ask every Tom, Dick and Hairy writer and they will tell you the same thing. It happens. Blocks that seem to come out of nowhere, at the appropriate time when you’re about to write something astronomical. Some describe it as a loss of words, loss of ideas. To me, it’s just a plain smack into a brick wall. Nothing comes out of the brain no matter how much I perah it. I’m pretty familiar with this because back in uni, I took creative writing classes and script writing classes… itellyou… jahanam betul when you have a writing assignment due the next 10 hours. I’ve sat down, scribbling and typing page after page of sudden-brilliant-inspiration-that-seemed-dumb-the-next-moment ideas. Frustration is boiling at the peak of its boundary. Of course, if the block is out of the way, everything seems perfect and the 3 hours spent on writing it will seem like a mere 30 minutes. Then, at the end, when I read through it again, it’s another crossroad. Sometimes, the final draft is a great piece of work. That’s good, I’m safe, and I can sleep. If it’s crap, that’s worse than finding out WHILE you’re writing it. It means…square one all over again. However, I’ve had rare few chances which I managed to churn out A-grade assignments in less than 5 hours from due time. Yes, I’m THAT brilliant. And when I get them back, I’m shocked, but nonetheless proud that I genetically inherited the sudden brilliance from someone down my family.

Now, this doesn’t make sense. The theme for this post should be about mental block, why on earth am I going on and on about my A-grade assignments. Well, tonight, as I sit in front of my laptop and stare at wordpress, I’m having that mental block I get whenever I wanna write a post. You see, when I’m not at the laptop, I think a lot, and I have lots of things that I wanna put in writing. So I get all excited about landing on another profound topic that I can put on my blog. So as fast as I could, I will try to get my hands onto the internet and wordpress. Then, I sit and put my fingers on the keyboard… and I’m stuck. I have no freaking idea on what to write. Or, I could only compose half of the post in my head.

So, I did a short analysis. Why did it happen? I think I think too much. Yes. I think of important things to write, interesting ways to write them, a unique presentation to express my thoughts. That I thought, could be the jarring screw that is causing the block. So, as I sat in front of the laptop 20 minutes ago, the same mental block occured, taunting that I could never strike gold numerous times. Then I remembered a friend saying something about writing. When we don’t know what to write, just start writing something, anything, it can be rubbish or just redundant facts. And then the rest of it will just flow. Come to think of it, I think she said it in the context of writing essays for exams. Just kelentong saje.

So, that’s what I’m doing exactly. I knew I wanted to write about this mental block I kept having. And I couldnt write about the mental block cause I was HAVING a mental block. So, what the heck, following my friend’s advice, I wrote about the first thing that reminded me about mental block: me having mental block while doing assignments. Ta-da…. so you see, you guys were lucky to read about my within-5-hours-A-grade-assignments adventure. That was a bonus. Yeah, yeah, I’m crapping here. But that’s the point. I guess I needed to crap out the rubbish to get to the essence of things. So what is the essence of this entry? My mental block can cured by crapping first. Ahhhh….a full circle…

Okay, before you guys start throwing virtual rotten tomatoes at my self-obsessiveness. I shall stop. But I tell you, it works. So, when you hit the pitt where no dictionary, thesaurus or essay books can help you write, crap!

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