The Crass Menagerie

July 2, 2008 at 11:18 pm Leave a comment

Ta-daa!!! My eyes are on this… the baru in-stores Pearls before swine comic. Yesterday, I was at the Curve, had a sneak peak after getting one of the staff to buka the wrapping for me. Well, as usual, you get the same thread of humour… and I think there is a running commentary at the bottom of each strip. For PBS, even the foreword in each of the series is worth a read. So, don’t skip reading the foreword by Pastis, cause sometimes, it gives much revelation on how he learned to draw they way he’s drawing now.

The Crass Menagerie is going for RM63.90 at Borders, The Curve. They have 3 left in stock only.

Me? I made a solemn vow to not get anything pricey for myself until I get my paycheck. So, yeah, this and other stuff on my wish list will have to wait. Although, if there are any generous donors/sponsors, you can get them for me for whatever occasion or reason. Be creative lar, it can be a gift for hooray-michy-is-back-in-kl occasion.

wish list:

– Sony foldable headphone (Bangsar Village, music shop on first floor. RM90)

– The Crass Menagerie

– The other Pearls Before Swine comics

– external DVD writer

– petrol money for car

– my 1 million dollar shirt (Forever 21. It doesnt cost that much, just that when i wear it, i look and feel like a one million dollar baby)

– more fedoras (a kind of hat, somewhat like hats that M. Jackson would wear)

– *i secretly harbour a want for either a macbook or a macbook pro. i’ve been testing it out on other people’s machine, and i like it*

Ok. for now, that’s about it.


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