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I wish…

The noise would stop, the bickering would stop. Initially, it was exciting to read about the latest political scandal or gossip. Who taruh who, who tikam so-and-so… Then, I thought that all entertainment news paled in comparison to our own political entertainment.

Now, it just gets tired. I’m tired of reading the accusations. But that doesn’t mean that I’m still not concern about the affairs of the society. Things have just gotten so personal. Politicians who are sincere about helping people should concentrate more on overcoming the problem, fixing things, finding solutions. Not play the blaming game and drive the people to join your heated furore. Yes, we complain, but more effort should be used to make constructive solutions work. Not yell your heads off at rallies. I don’t mind rallies, if they are with a purpose. And the purpose will lead to action. No point just talking cock.

You can dig up people’s dirty laundry, but please don’t sensationalize it. As though all of the current affairs hinge unto the outcome of this unpleasant news. Maybe it affects in a major way, but then, it shouldn’t overshadow the more pressing issues of the society. I think parties will score better points with the people if they have visible results of their efforts to tackle urgent life-concerning issues. And don’t just solely play the blame game. Blame this party lar for this problem… Yes, but there is only so much you can blame before the fuel runs out. I always feel that if you’re faced with a mountain, you complain, then find a way to maneuver around it. Be smart, use strategy. Don’t just blindly ram. The mountain might be hard to ram off, but it is possible to conquer its peak.

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