After a long leave of absence…

August 8, 2008 at 6:48 am 2 comments

I haven’t blogged for ages. To be precise, since I started working in KL a month back. Life has been sweet, tense and exciting. The business side of me is coming out, yet I’m staying strong and focussed on the cause ahead.

Am now working without the aid of my specs because it broke yesterday. That would be my favourite specs that I made in Penang after my previous one was stolen. I was so pissed, and I needed to work, so I went to the nearest focus point and made a pair. Which I kinda regretted a bit because they dint have much of a design selection, and I couldn’t haggle the price as it came in a package. Thinking at hind sight, I could have just bought dailies contact lenses while waited to go Penang and make it in one of the optical shops in Sungai Dua that offers student prices. Aku benci ni, sia-sia aku keluarkan duit. To make matters worse, I just spent RM133 to buy 2 books for my self-reading, which I feel will help me understand my job better. Now, that was intended spending; the specs, no. Sometimes, I can get pretty impulsive, I will lose the rationality. It’s good, for the right reasons, because sometimes I plan too much. I need some spontaneous events to keep me balanced.

I still love my broken specs because it suited me so well. It was just so meant for me lar. In terms of shape, style and size. My plan now is to live with the new specs, if I really cant tahan it, I will make a new one in Penang come December and when I get paid.

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  • 1. tatie  |  August 28, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    Hey, you’ve been tagged by me….Hope to hear some new stuff from you soon. its good to get a chat box so that we could keep up though.. any how, good luck.

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