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September 3, 2008 at 8:34 am Leave a comment

Project GOssip KL is going live in a month! Time has passed really fast, without realizing, I’ve been working on this project for close to 2 months. So what’s after KL? Well, immediately after the 27th of September, I am taking a 3-days holiday to do nothing but sleep,read,online,window shopping,eat. Yes, I need to recharge before taking on Project GOssip Penang, STEPS and YouthWeek, all happening next year except for Project GOssip Penang. So, for all you Penang folks, I will be going up to Penang frequently to get ready for the biggest party every come December.

People have asked me, “Do you like your job?” I say, yeah, why not? “It doesn’t have a fix pay right? Aren’t you considered like freelancing?” To a certain extent, it seems like it. But not exactly. “But you work crazy hours!” I have always been working crazy hours since I entered uni and joined with Janet and gang. It is just a continuation.

I’m just sort of glad that I’m not working a 8-5 job, because I know I won’t survive the first week. It’s rigid, and it is basically restraining my movements, the period of time that I work. And I can’t plonk my ass down in one seat for the rest of the day. I need to move around, run around, meet people, walk while talking on the phone etc. Nevermind that my life will be hectic throughout the whole project, because at the end of it, I will seek redemption of sleep and rest.

But then again, not everyone could adapt to work in a freelancing world. Some people need those working-hour structure to keep things in check. Some people need to compartmentalize, that at a certain hour- it is for work, on some other hours- it is for leisure. Most of the time, I don’t have the luxury of watching tv idly for the whole night after work. It is like, my laptop never left my side. I return home, eat and bathe, then I will sneak some tv time for me to chill, then I’m at the laptop again. At times, when the neccessity calls for it, I have to go out at night to meet up with friends, just to have discussions. Something similiar to my life in Penang- hardly a moment in the house, I’m packing my bag and off to another meeting. However, in KL, it’s a different story. I cannot be that free anymore, because of concerns from family.

I love KL for its hectic pulse, the going-ons. I love walking KL streets or driving for that matter. Because there is so much to feel, so much to observe. Penang, however, feels like the backyard of my house, where there are endless little lanes that i can cycle or dodge around. It’s a place of familiar faces and familiar things, it has a sense of community. I guess one good thing about me is, I adapt to most situations pretty well. You can plonk me in most places, and I will be alive and kicking. Beyond Malaysia, I think Singapore will interest me because it is a combination of KL and Penang, to me. However, the pulse of each place is not the most important criteria for me to survive, it is the company (friends). With great company, anywhere is fine.

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